Direct- to- Lacquer recording with The Earnest Tube.

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"Make That Money" premiere on from the new album Hot Butter.


It may be a lost art, or a piece of music history that has been forgotten over decades of technological advancement in the music industry, but the old fashioned jug band is still alive and well in Birmingham - at least with one particular group of local musicians. - Michael Seale


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Tall Tales is an uncanny time capsule. Those unfamiliar with Steel City Jug Slammers couldn’t be blamed for mistaking the release date by a few decades. The album, released April 1, 2018, faithfully recreates the do-it-yourself street music of the South, as shaped by the Roaring Twenties and Great Depression.

-Magic City Bands

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3/7 Marty's PM- Birmingham, AL

3/21 The Roadhouse- Riverside, AL

4/3 Egan's Tuscaloosa, AL

4/4 Seasick Records- Birmingham, AL

4/9 Jazz Me Blues- Knoxville, TN

4/10 Crafty Bastard Brewing- Knoxville, TN

4/11 The Gnome- Sevierville, TN

4/15 Roots n' Ruckus- Brooklyn, NY

4/16 Club Passim- Cambridge, MA

4/17 Club Passim- Cambridge, MA


4/18 Colony Cafe- Woodstock, NY

4/19 Superfine- Brooklyn, NY

4/19 The Douglas- Brooklyn, NY


4/24 Caffe Lena- Saratoga Springs, NY

4/25 Wellfleet Preservation Hall- Wellfleet, MA

5/9 Windy Van Hooten Oprey- Steele, AL

5/14 Rose Bowl- Urbana, IL

5/15 Burn 'Em Brewing- Michigan City, IN

5/16 Honky Tonk BBQ- Chicago, IL

6/26 Blue Earl- Smyrna, DE

6/27 Creekers Jaboree- Brooklyn, NY

6/28 The Douglas- Brooklyn, NY


7/3 Great Blue Heron- Sherman, NY


7/4 Great Blue Heron- Sherman, NY

7/9 New Deal Cafe- Greenbelt, MD

8/1 Jesco White's Birthday- Leoma, TN