Steel City Jug Slammers
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We are proud to announce the release of our new video for "She's Long Gone". Thanks so much to all the people who helped us pull this off!
In case you missed it, here is a link to the show we did on A Prairie Home Companion.
Catch up with Steel City Jug Slammers and with this awesome article.
Steel City Jug Slammers, Lower Broad. Nashville TN.
    We had a blast teaching everyone for Adventures In Art, in Auburn, Alabama. We helped spread some history and even teach Jug, Tub, and Kazoo to over 600 kids. What a good time!
Well folks, it looks like Ron (our van) is ready for retirement. To keep us on the road, we are asking fans for their help. Any amount helps and tons of perks are available. Huge thanks to Jason Obrien, Karen Marie Black and Background People Productions for producing the video! Please like, share, and most importantly, donate. Thanks!
It's been a long road, for us as a band, and for our interstate-tackling jug vessel, Ron. This old boy is on his last leg and we desperately need a new set of wheels - a place to hang our hats and rest our heads (with heat and air) for those long nights on the road. 
With your donation you'll be helping promote not just OUR band, but you'll also be helping to spread a great genre of music that needs to be heard.
Hope to see everyone on the road real soon, and thanks in advance for your generosity! 
-Steel City Jug Slammers
Anniston Star recently sat down with a slammer. "The Steel City Jug Slammers have grown in popularity since forming in November 2012, when Atkins and fellow member Nicholas Bate were busking on the streets of New Orleans.
The two decided to make a band happen once they returned home to Birmingham, and brought in members Stephen Bate, Jacob Matthews, Zac Peoples and Cory Medders." Read more by clicking below.
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